The City of Sunnyvale commissioned an expert to study the emergency response times of DPS crews throughout the entire city. Citygate, the City’s expert, found that during Sunnyvale’s brutal rush hour traffic, emergency response for fire and medical emergencies failed to meet established goals throughout the southern part of the city.  Click here to read PSOA’s analysis of the failing response times, the impact of future development on those response times as well as the safety risk to residents, workers and property as a result.


As part of the City Council’s 2019 Priority Setting Session, the PSOA advocated for investments in recruiting and retaining Public Safety Officers as well as investing in safety equipment. Read the full letter here.

Unpaid invoices, bureaucratic red tape, and other mismanagement led to Sunnyvale’s Fire fleet of engines and trucks falling into a serious state of disrepair with operational issues such as failing breaks and shattered windshields that went unreplaced. Worse, brand-new fire engines sat in a vendor’s corporation yard for months because the City failed to pay the invoices. You can read our two letters to the City Council advising them of this catastrophe here and here.

The City Manager proposed cuts to the Department of Public Safety’s budget leading to a 20% cut in DPS Detectives, 20% cut in Community Policing as well as cuts to traffic enforcement even though traffic accidents are one of Sunnyvale’s top public safety concern. Click here to read the PSOA letter to the City Council and click here to read the PSOA’s follow up letter.